Video mapping - is a projection technology, which is a 3D projection on the physical object of the environment based on its geometry and location in space. Unlike the usage of 3D technologies in movies and computer games, video mapping does not require additional devices for the audience or the screens installation.

A model of the object, which will be used as a background of projection is created in  3D modeling programs. Then 3D model is animated according to the scenario of mapping video show. After this the video image of the object is projected onto the real object that gives the illusion of change of the object itself.

Video mapping can be classified according to objects being projected:

  • Architectural video mapping - 3D projection on a building or other architectural object.
  • Interior video mappnig – indoor projection, allowing you to create interesting interior illusory solutions.
  • Sculptural projection - when sculptures, 3D logos and small objects are used as a target for projection.

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