Building Projection

Building projection turns an ordinary building facade into the enormous screen, on which realistic 3D graphics may be broadcasted. Video mapping will make the building alive, show the ads with the logo of the sponsor, dynamic image or visual effects along with synchronized sound effects and music.

It is impossible not to mention such an action. People gather outside the building and watch the video projection, and sometimes become participants of a projection show. Interactive story of video mapping gives possibility to make graffiti on buildings, collect a giant Tetris or fight with alien invaders. On the Internet can be found numerous videos recorded by viewers of projection mapping shows with the help of mobile phones and cameras. As a result, the night show on the buildings is watched by thousands and even millions of people.

Projection Mapping

Video maping installation for Light of Circle Festival 2014.

Projection Show Lays

Lays Projection Show

Video Mapping Installation

Scan Light - videomapping installation - Art Vision Festival

Chartres Videomapping

3D Projection Mapping for Festival of Lights in Chartres, France

Car Projection

New Mercedes Benz presentation with car projection mapping

Light Videomapping

Videomapping for Circle of Light 2013