EuroVideoMapping Company provides a wide range of solutions: 3d projection mapping, car projection, motion graphic and interactive installations development, hologram projection, technical support and complex organization.

Car Projection

Nothing else is able to reproduce the capabilities and beauty of a new car as 3D video mapping … Read More >

3D Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping turns an ordinary building facade into the enormous screen … Read More >

Virtual Promoter

Screen in the form of a silhouette of a person, made of projective plastic … Read More >

Touch Screen

Touchscreen is a control panel and display that captures touch … Read More >


Video holographic is one of the latest innovations in projection technologies and show business … Read More >


VJing – live video art, visual show created by VJ with the help of special equipment and vj software in real time … Read More >

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) - environment with the addition of digital data to physical world in real time … Read More >

Building Projection

Architectural Projection - realistic 3D graphics will make the building alive, dynamic image or visual effects … Read More >